Hotels and Resorts in Colombia

South America begins where Central America ends, Panama connecting the two like an outstretched hand. Its former sister country Colombia is what it's reaching toward, a country that was also once part of the Republic of New Granada nearly 100 years ago.

Today, Colombia is one of the most ethnically and linguistically diverse countries in the world, as well as a geographical cornucopia of experiential delight. The highlands of the Andes, the Amazonian rainforest, tropical grasslands...all of these rich lands lie between the peaceful Caribbean and Pacific coasts of this ecological treasure. For tranquil it surely is in modern time; as a matter of fact, President Juan Manuel Santos earned a Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts in bringing an era of conflict to an end in this United Nations and World Trade Organization member country. With an equal number of daytime and nighttime hours every day of the year, that's just more time to enjoy Colombia's allure—ideally while sipping a cup of the world's finest coffee.

Fun Fact: One of 17 "mega-diverse" countries in the world, Colombia is the second-most biodiverse nation on the planet, trailing Brazil only, which is seven times its size.

Map of Hotels and Resorts in Colombia