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Wealthy, small and mountainous Switzerland has been one of the world's top year-round international vacation destinations for centuries. Bordered by France, Germany, Austria and Italy, Switzerland is renowned for its snowy Alps, fairytale castles, chic and luxurious ski and spa resorts, lakeside chalets, water sports and beautiful, immaculate cities. Switzerland boasts the tallest mountains in Europe, including some of its highest peaks such as Dufour (15,217 feet) and the Matterhorn (14,692 feet). Swiss products famous around the world include cheese, chocolate, watches and Swiss army knives.
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Geneva, Switzerland's second largest city, is located on Lake Geneva, in view of Mont Blanc. This cosmopolitan Swiss city is home to the United Nations and the International Red Cross, but because it is located in the southwestern corner of the country and borders France, its biggest influence comes from the French. Chic shops, restaurants, antique stores, bistros, museums and art galleries are plentiful in the city.
Lucerne conjures up images of the storybook Swiss town. Filled with narrow cobblestone streets, covered bridges, charming houses and fountains, it is a renowned cultural and sports community. Considered one of the most beautiful locations in Switzerland, Lucerne's picturesque landscape includes mountains, lakes, pine forests and meadows.
The world's banking capital is the largest city in Switzerland and definitely one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Located on the north shore of Lake Zurich, this picturesque German-speaking town is split in half by the Limmat River. You can spend days exploring the city's cobbled streets, taking in parks and gardens, visiting the plentiful museums housing some of Europe's most extensive collections or setting sail on the lake.
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