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Visitors to this region of Northern Europe experience strong immigrant roots, modern European values and the great outdoors like none other. Its residents are some of Europe’s most prosperous and literate, and each of its unique cities are remarkably big, lively and distinct.
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The perfect medieval trading town, with a stunning cityscape, lush mountains and fjords, winding cobblestone streets and pastel-colored wooden houses.
Set against the sparkling waters of the Oslo Ford, this city has an abundance of charming parks and suburbs. It also has many first-rate museums, including the Kon-Tiki Museum that displays adventurer Thur Heyerdahl's legendary ocean raft. Stroll the grounds around the King of Norway's palace or visit the unique Vigeland Sculpture Park. With glorious natural surroundings, Oslo is perfect for fishing, camping and some of the world's best cross-country skiing. The city's pubs and jazz spots attract a trendy, young crowd.
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