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Austria's cities are like living museums, full of life and innovation, and capturing the romance and history of Europe in a way that gives you a glimpse into how royals lived in past centuries. Austria is renowned for its majestic mountains, lavish ski resorts, stunning scenery, crystal lakes and lush valleys. The country is filled with romantic palaces, charming inns and coffeehouses, and historic Baroque churches.
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Salzburg's historic city center was designated a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site in 1997. Birthplace of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, the city offers a sophisticated cultural program that features more than 4,000 events each year.
Vienna, the capital of Austria, has become the epicenter of old and classical as well as new and hip. No matter which direction you walk in Vienna, you will be faced with an enormous architectural range of buildings. Traditional coffeehouses, famous Viennese desserts, and taking in a concert or two are a must here.